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Q I want to know about the interview method.
A Interview

The interviewer, who is composed of the first person in charge, evaluates the applicant's ability to work.

Secondly, the interviewer, who is composed of senior officers, evaluates the applicant's personality and comprehensive ability.

Depending on the type of job you are applying for, the applicant's foreign language proficiency will also be assessed and will take approximately one hour.

Q Things to keep in mind when writing your resume
A Please make sure that your academic background and career are written correctly, since it will be an important reference material when calculating the promotion after final acceptance.

The additions after the passing are not reflected in the rank calculation.

Q I would like to know more about the benefit system other than salary.
A Please refer to the Customer Center => Recuitment => Welfare section of our homepage,

For more detailed inquiries, please contact our support team.

Q What documents are required for application
A 1) Required Documents

    - Korean resume: Direct (no form limit)

    - Self introduction letter: career oriented introduction (no form limitation)


2) Proof of the documents (graduation certificate of the last school, transcripts of the graduation, language course, etc.) can be submitted according to company guidelines after interview.

Q What is the probation period after the final pass?
A Career entry is 2 months,

New entrants and interns are formally hired after a 3 month probation period.

However, there is no probationary period for contract workers (term).

Q How is the ranking system structured?
A We have streamlined our position system to increase business efficiency by simplifying the reporting system and to create an atmosphere where everyone can speak.

The office system of the head office is composed of executives, leaders, and advisors. Only researchers and accounting accountants are given separate positions (eg, managers, senior researchers).