Optimized Solutions for Your tasks 




  •    Storage

    Our stainless steel and aluminum silos guarantee efficient, reliable and protective storage for high-grade bulk materials.

  •   Blending

    We have a range of concepts to provide optimal blending results that suit individual product needs. 

  •   Processing

    Daily use is of paramount importance for process silos. Our engineering expertise as a silo specialist will certainly be valuable to you in this respect.


  •    Fluidizing

    The fluidizing bed blending silo is suitable for the mixing of fluidizable bulk materials with particle sizes of less than 500 μm, such as powder. 

  •   M-Channel

    Multi-Channel blending silos are ideal for free-flowing bulk materials such as pellets. They can be used for continuous and non-continuous mixing

  •   Multi-Flow

    The Multi-Flow blending silo is suitable for free-flowing to poorly flowing bulk materials, and for continuous and non-continuous mixing.


  •   Fluidizing 

    The fluidizing bed is a pneumatic aeration system for the discharge of poorly-flowing but highly fluidizable bulk materials.

  •   Aeration

     bulk material, in order to guarantee that bulk material is carefully and reliably discharged from the silo or container with virtually no residue left behind.

  •  Vibration

    The vibratory bottom is used to activate bulk material flow for virtually all poorly-flowing, non-fluidizable bulk materials for discharge from silos and vessels.


  •   Diverter V/V

    The diverter valves always distribute, collect, and divert any type of bulk material to the right place.

  •  Sampler

    Taking samples for testing is never a problem with our samplers. Reliable results and quality control from the bulk material flow or from a container.

  •   Dome Valves

    Charging Dome Valve is applicable for loose, dry, cohesive and mobile particulates within the sealed conveyor system.

  •   Rotary V/V

    Rotary feeders can be used as a discharge assistant or to feed a vast range of bulk materials into pneumatic conveying systems.

  •   Conveying Vessel

    Conveying Vessel achieves a solid dense phase conveying regime for very low material velocities.

  •  Screw feeder

    Dosing and conveying screws dose and convey your bulk materials, and can be used for conveying systems as well as for precise filling of scales


  •    H-intensity

    Mixers are essential for the most demanding requirements. The fast-running mixer tool introduces friction-generated heat to the material be mixed.

  •  Cooling

    Taking samples for testing is never a problem with our samplers. Reliable results and quality control from the bulk material flow or from a container.

  •   Universal

    Our universal mixers achieve gentle homogenization for simple as well as complex mixing tasks, highly energy efficient with maximum productivity.


  •   Bag Filter

    Fine dust particle ventilation filter for use as a bin vent filter in a modular system, consisting of an appropriate number of ECO filter cartridges or bag filter cartridges on a robust stainless

  •  Cyclone

    Cyclone separators for pneumatic conveyors from 50 to 10,000 cubic meters, also for use in aspiration systems. The solid-gas mixture is separated by means of centrifugal force.

  •  Elutrators

    Separators are used for cleaning plastic granulates, eliminating dust particles as well as streamers and fine hairs.


  •    Instruments

    Instruments serve to detect the pressure, level, and temperature of the system for automatic operation

  •   Process

    Autonomous process execution fulfilled by in-house-developed software. Machine components combined with tailor-made automation solutions from a single source.

  •  Station

    Our control cabinets and control stations are designed specifically for the specific project at hand, and are compliant with current norms and standards.

We are in a strategic cooperative relationship with Germany's ZEPPELIN, and the above items and engineering are shared between the two companies.