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R & D


National R&D Projects
No. Project  Name Subject Agency
1 Environment enterprise business development promotion support project Hybrid Pneumatic Transport System for Discharge Ash of Power Plant Ministry of Environment
2 Win-win Supporters Youth Entrepreneurship Program KOEN Global Start-up Project - Secondary Ministry of SMEs
3 Commercialization technology development business of enterprises
Purchase Condition New Product Development Project
Catalyst filter development business Ministry of SMEs
4 Engineering consulting technology support project Lithium-ion waste battery recycling consulting Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
5 Optimized extraction and development of cathode materials for waste batteries for electric vehicles Low-damage separation cathode material manufacturing optimization technology development Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
No. Patent  Name Patent  No. Agency
1 Pneumatic Conveying System for Sea Bag Unloading 10-0988357 Korea Intellectual Property Office
2 Particulate water distribution system with abrasion resistant coating 10-1263015 Korea Intellectual Property Office
3 Fly ash handling system in coal-fired power plant 10-1355663 Korea Intellectual Property Office
4 Exhaust gas treatment system for thermal power plant 10-2017-0111480 Korea Intellectual Property Office
5 Fly ash Hybrid pneumatic conveying system 10-2018-0046110 Korea Intellectual Property Office
6 Granphene pressure vessel fabrication method 10-2019-1031773 Korea Intellectual Property Office
7 Transfer vessel design 30-2019-0049493 Korea Intellectual Property Office
8 Non-explosive crushing process and material fractionation system for large-capacity disposal of lithium-ion waste batteries 10-2021-0027056 Korea Intellectual Property Office